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Masks work wonders to treat all different types of skin like dry, dehydrated, oily, combination, acne prone ….and so it becomes important to atleast know about the basics of it .. 

Usually after a facial massage a mask is applied to treat a particular skin type & so it  helps in choosing the right one.. 

Depending on the products and ingredients it contains, the mask can add nourishment, draw out all impurities, can hydrate & heal the skin, which then helps in rejuvenation… 

There are different types and brands available in the market each of which offers beneficial to the skin and give a lasting effect.They are made from clay, creams, gel.. 

Clay masks are made of kaolin that helps in tightening & drawing out oil from the skin. 

Cream & gel  based masks are usually formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin , there are some setting kinds too which are known as peel of masks.. 

Before buying and applying them, its important that you have a proper know how about the chemistry of the product , or else it doesnt serve the purpose.. 

Manisha kadam
Founder Kria beauty school

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